Blade 350 QX3 AP Combo Quadcopter (83%)

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The Blade 350 QX3 is the perfect drone for anyone who’s looking to transition from a beginner to an intermediate flyer. It comes ready-to-fly out of the box, has a mast mounted antenna for improved GPS performance and a much improved camera than its predecessor, the Blade 350 QX2. Note this is the version that comes with a camera/gimbal mount, which is great if you don’t have a GoPro. Although it’s a great idea to grab the basic version of the Blade 350 QX3 (not AP Combo) if you already have an action cam or plan on getting one, as the price difference is pretty significant.

For a drone currently well under $1000, it has an easy set up, handles quite responsibly in AP mode and comes with 1080p video and a 16 mp camera right out of the box, it’s easy to understand the appeal of the Blade 350 QX3 to any drone enthusiast. Though it’s footage does pale a bit in comparison to our top ranking quads when blown up on a larger monitor, it’s certainly a completely satisfactory image providing you aren’t expecting top tier, professional quality stuff.

Blade 350 QX3 AP Combo Quadcopter (RTF)




Battery Life


Ease of use


Value for Price



  • Relatively competent transmitter controls, considering numerous flight modes and functions
  • Camera gimbal smoothness is very good for a quad of its price range
  • BLADE has some of the best costumer service on the market today


  • Many have reported Smart mode to be more trouble than it's worth
  • The 16 MP camera appears less than impressive when viewing enlarged photos
  • Setting up the drone, downlading updates and assembling takes more time than other drones