3D Robotics Iris+ Multicopter 915 Mhz (82%)

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If you’re the kind of flyer who’s looking to progress to the intermediate level, already have an action camera (ie you’re not looking to buy a drone that comes preloaded with a camera+gimbal), and really just want a basic yet highly enjoyable, easy to fly piece of equipment, this may well be the drone for you.

With the 3DR Iris+, obviously the image quality will depend entirely on whichever sort of camera the pilot decides to mount on the gimbal (which unfortunately is not individually controlled apart from it’s natural positioning based on flight). This is part of the appeal though, as not all beginner-intermediate flyers are ready to dive into learning to fly an entirely new drone whilst simultaneously understanding the hardware that to separately control it’s camera controls and gimbal functions.

It’s also a refreshingly safeguarded drone, especially for being so affordable. That is to say, many drones (even expensive ones) have either very little or often malfunctioning safeguard systems when it comes to the drone getting out of range and disappearing — forever. The 3DR Iris+ has some of the better GSP navigation and “return home” software (when flipping a switch autonomously returns it to the controller) of any drone. This is a great product for any amateur photographer or someone looking to purchase their first drone.

3D Robotics Iris+ Multicopter 915 Mhz




Battery Life


Ease of use


Value for Price



  • Open source and open hardware characteristics
  • Flight is displayable on Google Earth
  • One of the easiest drones to get accustomed to flying
  • Autopilot works surprisingly well


  • RC isn't of the highest quality on the market
  • Does not come with camera + gimbal add-ons
  • GPS lock and Tower app are glitchy at times